Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Late Night Study Fuel


Lins Honeyman said...

Good to see you're keeping your biceps toned whilst studying! ;-)

His Girl Friday said...

I was wondering what that item was??
didn't want to say anything, at first...might sound too know, like flattened soft boiled egg cup to hold a quick snack, or Anglo-Celt version of the musical chinese relaxation balls...wrist curls instead of, oh, er, never mind...

tea looks yummy, though... ;D

Fish Wife's Tales said...

Just looking at the crema on that cup is making me wonder if it's too late for a coffee??

HGF (in case THM doesn't reply) - it's a tamper (used to tamp down the ground coffee before you put it into the machine). But your description sounds much more exciting!

His Girl Friday said...

coffee??! Ya'll drink coffee?! ;D
(just kiddin)

Hi fish wife,
I wouldn't blame HM for not answering!! ;)
Thanks for the explanation. Haven't been introduced to one of those (tampers) yet! :)

ps. it's never too late for coffee...and evening coffee is even better with some Baileys and whipped cream! :)

That Hideous Man said...

I wasn't not replying.... just that FWT got there first - and with the right answer!

A tamper is essential for making perfect espresso - the more compact the coffe, the slower the water goes through it and the stronger the drink. Under extract the coffee and you get foul dishwater, over extract it and it os too bitter.

Experts will notice that I am using a very basic tamper and that I ought to get a high tech one that adds a precise psi compression to the coffee!