Monday, February 12, 2024

Have You Ever Wondered?

Well here’s a new one for me! I’ve been involved, alongside Andy Bannister, in putting a book together which will be launched in early April — and is now available to pre-order. Have You Ever Wondered? Finding the Everyday Clues to Meaning, Purpose and Spirituality is designed to gently start spiritual conversations with friends, family, and colleagues. I’ve loved working with Andy, 10 Publishing and eight other authors to pull this together!

Beauty. Justice. Identity. Love. Stories. Nature. Hope. These things intrigue us, move us and prompt us to ask big questions. Could there be clues in our deepest desires that point to life’s meaning?

Have You Ever Wondered? invites you on an immersive tour through the issues that matter. This book is for anyone who has looked at a landscape and contemplated why we are drawn to beauty; or wondered why we are so insatiably curious about our universe, or even for those who have simply looked up at a million stars in the vast night’s sky and just wondered.

Have You Ever Wondered? will fascinate anyone who is interested in questions of life, but is searching for answers. It is will appeal especially to anyone who is interested in spiritual questions but perhaps has never considered or thought about Jesus and the Christian faith. Starting from where they’re at and showing how the things they care deeply point are clues pointing to a bigger story, Have You Ever Wondered? is an unusual, perhaps unique book.

How can you get a copy?

Pre-order it from 10ofThose — you can buy a single copy, or get massive discounts for buying multiple copies. Why not give it to all your friends; or if you’re a church leader, give it out at events or to visitors?

Sign up to support the work of Solas for just £3 / month. We’ll then send you a free copy as a thank you when it launched.

Buy it from your favourite (ideally independent!) bookstore

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