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Every Day I Have The Blues

The Thrill Is Gone

I had the privilege of seeing BB King in concert in London back in the late 1980s. He was the consummate professional who could hold an audience in the palm of his hand. With Lucille in his hands he played licks that sent shivers down the spine, whether gently coaxing sadness from the strings or delivering a volley of notes. His great soulful voice was capable of great delicacy, as well as a mighty roar and was utterly unique. In between songs, when chatting to his audience, he exuded charm and a natural charisma that made audiences love him. The thrill is gone.

Where the words have gone......

I haven't written much here recently. There's a few reasons for that. One is that I've been extremely busy. The other is that a couple of magazines have asked me to write for them, so I've been directing my writing there, rather than posting it here. A couple of in-depth interviews with significant Christian leaders have appeared/will be appearing in Scottish Christian Broadcast Magazine, while some book reviews on matters such as politics, history, religion etc. are scheduled for publication in Solas Magazine.

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