Friday, June 08, 2007

Playing Blog-Tag!

Brodie has tagged me in a game of blog-tag entitled "tell us seven things about yourself" under the headings: (1) a baby (2) beer (3) girls (4) time (5) dislikes (6) hobbies (7) tomorrow. Not wanting to duck such a challenge here goes:

1) As a baby: I was greedy - incredibly greedy. In the hospital the staff were concerned that I wasn't feeding enough and was then being sick. Careful monitoring however revealed that I was guzzling twice what I needed in half the time and shedding the surplus.

2) Beer: I am a big fan of English Real Ales, such as Bishop's Finger, Spitfire, Adnam's Broadside and Fuller's London Pride. Like Brodie I have developed a taste in Scottish Single Malt Whisky, however this is an expensive habit to cultivate and gets saved for special occasions.

3) Girls: There are two in my life; my wife of nearly 11 years, and my two year old daughter. Prior to getting married I had had two serious girlfriends - thank goodness I married the right one!

4) Time: Time is a weird thing. I used to laugh when adults told me that time was not a fixed thing but that years, months and weeks get shorter as you grow older - but I have discovered that they are right. I can remember when a six-week summer holiday from school lasted years!

5) Dislikes: Rudeness, Nescafe, Reality TV and soaps, Dirty Nappies, Lager, oh the list goes on and on and on!

6) Hobbies: Hillwalking whenever possible - which with the demands of family life and commitments at church is far too rarely. Getting to the occasional gig is a rare pleasure, and my wife and I love good food

7) Tomorrow: We're going to spend tomorrow with some really good friends who we haven't seen for over a year because work took them abroad. Can't wait!

OK now then:
Your turn!