Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Cornwall is a place I love visiting, as every corner of it is packed full of memories of childhood holidays, which have assumed almost magical status in my mind. Rationally of course, I have no doubt that the lenses of my retrospectoscope grow ever more rose-tinted with the passage of time - but this does not dampen my enthusiasm for the place - or my delight in seeing my children's eyes light up at the same things which once had the same effect on me.

Names of places such as 'Harbour Cove', 'Strangles Beach', 'Lanhydrock House', 'Respryn Bridge', 'Boscastle' or 'Trevigue' bring a smile to my face and a deluge of nostalgia. The photo above is of Restormel Castle near Lostwithiel, a wonderful circular 'Motte and Bailey' castle dating from 1100AD. It has everything that a day out with kids should have, stuff to learn, things to imagine, room to run, and questions to ask, and photo-opportunities a plenty.

Boris, Norris and Doris had a great time, climbing on the battlements, looking into dungeons and trying to work out how they would successfully break a siege. The Grandparents (London branch) were there too, which added to the fun as was the kids "mad-aunt" who joined us all down there for a few days.

The highlight of the trip according to the boys though, was a ride on a speedboat called "Jaws" at Padstow!

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