Friday, December 14, 2007

On Yer Bike!

A mountain-bike has long been on my wish-list, especially as it could avoid some very long 'walk-ins' to distant mountains - bringing them several hours closer to home! Mountain bikes are, however, rather pricey, and so for one reason or another it has never happened.

Outside the school the other day, one of the Dad's of one of young Boris' classmates told me about the 'Launchpad Project' which re-cycles old bikes (pun probably intended), does them up and sells them on.... at only £25 ! Now the bikes are not works of art, don't come with all the latest advances in fork suspension and disc brakes, but they are in good working order and worth every penny. Looks like I'll be getting a bike for Christmas after all!


His Girl Friday said...

Congratulations, and best wishes for some happy treks!!! :)

Lins Honeyman said...

Might join you if that's all right. Got a bike a couple of Christmasses back and I seriously need to get fitter this year. Fancy a wee cycle now and then?

Sheena C said...

My most recent posts ask folk what their perfect Christmas gift would be - I know your answer! Enjoy your new bike!