Friday, March 07, 2008

Bog Book

Everyone should have a bog-book.

In common with all other humans, there are a few quiet moments every day which I spend hidden away, allowing my body to dispose of its waste (an entirely natural process, neither a passing fad, nor injurious to health). I have discovered that these need not be wasted minutes, but in fact can become time well spent, if one has been careful in selecting a suitable bog book, and left it within reach.

There are certain requirements that a good bog book must possess however. It must be the sort of easy reading that is easy to pick up and put down, to be appreciated in small amounts, and not requiring much continuity of thought. It cannot be too intellectually demanding, or concentration sapping, but works better if it is lighthearted, and well written. Maps work well, as do humorous poems, books with very short chapters, and some travel writing; novels and academic books on the other hand are disastrous bog books and should be left in the study.

So my advice for the day, my top-tip is this. Get yourself a bog book, a toilet-tome, a cludgie-companion. The smallest room in the house, need be the dullest, no more!


That Hideous Man said...

If you were thinking that this post was a cunning way of stopping people asking to borrow my books all the time... you'd be right!

Jerry J. said...

I believe you will surely hit the mark with this post. :-)

Is it too late to change your name to That Humerous Hideous Man?

Lins Honeyman said...

Mine's not a book as such but the Daily Record newspaper. Not to read you understand - just for emergencies.

lynn said...

LOL LOL you lot.

My bog reading is usually a mag like "heat" or "now"
(i'm infamous for my high quality, highbrow reading)

And any man who says he wouldn't read one of those mags if it was lying around is a liar!!

Steg said...

Why is it that fathers manage to go to the toilet on their own and mothers don't? This is one of the great injusteces of life. Well, my mother generally goes on her own, but her youngest child is 35, but I haven't been on my own before 7pm for years. Bog books? I dream of bog books, but it'd only end up with small child rattling locked door and bellowing at me. Harrumph.

Amie said...

Just backtracking your posts as I haven't visited in a while. My uncle lived in a very nice country-cottage house up in Dull where they had a very nice bathroom. On the wall around the toilet he had stuck up interesting or amusing newpaper articles from various sources. This always made for a good few minutes reading. I wonder why more people don't provide toilet-time entertainment. We all have to go at some point!