Sunday, June 08, 2008

East Lomond with the Boom's

Mr Boom! from up the road suggested that we take our families for a walk up E. Lomond, one of the two 'Paps of Fife' that tower above the pretty village of Falkland - famous for its historic palace. The weather defied the forecasts, and we walked in beautiful sunshine along the broad mile-long ridge to the steep summit cone. Although too hazy to see far, or clearly we lounged around on the grass on top of the hill, while the kids sung, danced, played, squabbled, ran and pleaded for more drinks when all the water we had was used up.

"That bloke must be hungry - look at the size of his rucksack" I said. However, said chappie didn't bring a five course banquet out from his mammoth rucksack - but a hanglider, which he unfurled and strapped himself onto, before silently taking to the air above us.

A gentle dander down the hill, a coffee, a play in the garden and dinner at ours rounded off a splendid day - and a very late night for the kids.

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