Thursday, October 29, 2009


Mautendorf was a lovely village to stay near - but really seemed to come alive under a good snowfall.


His Girl Friday said...

lovely photos HM.

(I noticed I'm no longer on your bloglist...did I offend with the 10/31 post? Hopefully not, and if so I do apologise)

That Hideous Man said...

No- no offense! Just technical issues. A whole load of blogs on the list wouldn't automatically update as they should. It looked dreadful with lots of blogs all saying they hadn't been updated for months.... I tried re-loading it but it constantly came up with a red "X" alongside and did't update when you posted... hhmm not sure what I can do!

His Girl Friday said...

sigh of relief ;)

not sure about the technical issues..I'm the last person you should ask for that...hmmm, maybe I'll go ask the teen ;)

(I sent you an email, and you can check my blog...was hoping to get support for a 14yr old cancer patient by the signing of his guestbook. Perhaps you can put the word out a wee bit. I thought it would be neat if he had visitors to his guestbook from all over the world, giving encouragement. :))