Saturday, November 28, 2009


I have been experimenting in the kitchen... Sometimes my culinary ambitions are so far ahead of my expertise that the results cause the recipients to mumble uncertain phrases such as, "er, well, it's certainly interesting...." Last night's effort however actually seemed to work. The dish doesn't yet have a title - though all suggestions are of course, welcome.

1) Get one chicken breast per person, and cut deep into its length with a sharp knife to open it out ready for stuffing.
2) Chop a Simon Howie Haggis into slices and place one slice of it inside each chicken breast (but don't use up the whole haggis - save a bit for later).
3) Fold the chicken breast over, encasing the haggis inside the chicken breast.
4) Wrap the stuffed chicken breast in a tin-foil parcel ready for the oven - but prior to sealing the parcel pour in a nice measure of cheap scotch.
5) Place the chicken parcels directly onto the over shelf for 50 mins at 160'C.

To make the sauce. Add a large dollop of the remaining haggis into a saucepan with some vegetable stock, some boiling water, some gently fried mushrooms, and a good hearty glug of cheap scotch. Warm gently, then prior to serving attack it vigorously with an electric blender - grinding the pieces of haggis down into a smooth sauce and making the sauce really foamy and light.

Serve the chicken parcels with a measure of the sauce poured over, jacket potatoes, spicy salad and a few steamed vegetables.

Well - we liked it anyway!


Anonymous said...

Do you have to cook the haggis first or can it be put into the chicken breast straight out of the packing?

That Hideous Man said...

I cook mine first. It's important not to overcook it though or it will dry out. Even half-cooking it before stuffing it works..