Monday, April 05, 2010

What time is it Eccles?


Paul Turner said...

A classic Goon Show sketch :)

Anonymous said...

Loved it I showed it to my boys.
I did something similar with the youth. Where I drew a watch on my wrist at a time ahead 10 minutes. Walked over to one and asked them the time, then said "look it's gone fast again and rubbed it out and wrote the correct time". Got a laugh. Thank you sooooo much.
Alison McQueen

Alison McQueen said...

I took a banana to uni, and didn't put it in a bag. My books tried to eat it for lunch. So when I lifted out my Greek book it had a squashed banana in.... inside it! A girl in the class sitting next to me thought I had been trying to press it in the book like girls press flowers, I couldn't resist pretending I had, soooooo bad. Ah well It's all Greek to me.