Sunday, May 09, 2010

At Loch Katrine

The Trossachs are often referred to as the "Highlands in Miniature". The Trossachs area is indeed charming, picturesque and very easy to access from most of Central Scotland. Within the region, Loch Katrine is a popular place to visit, as it is the home to the steam ship the Sir Walter Scott. A ride on this vessel is a wonderful way to see this corner of Scotland, beginning at the loch's eastern end where the low wooded hills plummeted straight down to the water, through to the western end where great high mountains, set back from the lochside point skywards.

Another attraction the loch boasts is an excellent cycletrack which covers about three-quarters of the loch's perimeter. Cycling a good tarmac road, but without cars, meandering through unbearably gorgeous scenery is a winning combination which could only be bettered by being bathed in warm sunshine. Happily yesterday we were blessed with all these things as we did another family bike-run, this time also making use of the new bike racks for the car.

The lochside cycle track begins by luring the cyclist into a false sense of security as it hugs the water-edge. A few miles later the road begins to undulate and then throws down some serious challenges to the cyclist in the form of a few quite steep climbs. I was on the bike with little 'Doris' sitting in the tagalong behind me. Dragging all that extra weight up the hills was probably exactly what my bloated frame needed in the form of a very high energy lung-busting workout!

The next family ambition is to book a place for us and the bikes onto the morning sailing of the Sir Walter Scott - cruise to the far end of the loch and spend a few hours working our way back round the loch to the car. Can't wait...

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