Monday, July 19, 2010

Picnic at Derry Lodge

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The road from Linn of Dee to Derry Lodge is one of the best and most popular access routes into the Cairngorms. The track begins in a large car park, climbs through fragrant pine woods, and then out into broad glens that lead to the feet of some of Scotland's greatest mountain scenery. It's a track frequented by day-trippers with little rucksacks, travelling just far enough to touch the wilderness; by long-distance trekkers with heavy loads ands woolly beards, by families, by cyclists, and all manner of people young and old.

I've walked to Derry Lodge, camped at Derry Lodge, cycled to it, used it as a base for exploring the Cairngorm Plateau and looked longingly for it to come into view at the end of a gruelling hill day! This time however, we were there just to have a family bike ride and picnic. The girls played on the grass, the boys played in the river - and we all stood in awe of the mountains.

And then cycled back to the car at Linn of Dee!

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