Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Little Sister's Wedding!

Guests being arranged for a photo..

Last Saturday was a significant day in our family, my little sister got married! The girls spent the morning at the hairdressers (etc!), while the boys chose the more hair-raising and adrenaline rushing option of canyoning for essential pre-wedding preparation. However, come the afternoon there was serious business to attend to, and the real reason we were all actually there; a wedding!

The ceremony itself took place on the banks of Loch Leven near Ballachulish at the North end of Glen Coe. With the Mamore Mountains, and the Pap of Glencoe across the loch behind the bride and groom - it was hard to imagine a more idyllic backdrop for the occasion. The registrar who led the proceedings maintained a nice balance in making it an informal, but yet serious event - striking exactly the right tone. Mrs Hideous & I were asked as the official witnesses to stand with them as they said their vows, and signed the register too. My Mum & I read poems in the ceremony, my Dad 'gave here away' in traditional fashion, while my daughter was a gorgeous little bridesmaid!

Having an outdoor wedding in the Western Highlands carries a certain amount of risk. The annual rainfall up there is staggeringly high, and the chances of sunshine dismally low. If you were fortunate enough to have chosen a sunny day for the wedding, the possibility of being eaten by midgies is just too terrifying to contemplate! Happily, the clouds parted, the sun shone, and a gentle wind blew in across the loch to tame the midgie menace, for most of the afternoon!

A meal, some speeches and a few tears later we sat chatting listening to live music in the bar, and eating the cupcakes that Mrs Hideous, my Mum and Lady Lucan had spent days preparing. Spotting that many people in the bar area were not with the wedding party, young 'Doris' decided to guard the cupcakes and challenge anyone who she thought shouldn't be eating one.

One by one we all said our goodbyes and went off to our beds, carrying various bundles of sleepy, but over-excited children! Eventually, even the singer in the bar called it a night, and with hugs and congratulations to the happy couple, we too brought the great day to an end. It was great to be with them on their special day, with all their friends and family. Now I just have to get used to the idea that my little sister is someone called Mrs Richardson!

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