Monday, September 13, 2010

Event: 'Science vs Faith' or 'Science and Faith'?

One of the great debates of the last two centuries has been the relationship between science and faith; a debate which has been re-ignited by the 'new atheists' in the last decade or so. Should people reject faith on the basis of science? Is science the new religion? Should people of faith reject science? Can science answer philosophical questions about life's purpose, the meaning of consciousness, beauty and love; or can it only answer physical questions? Do you have a 'soul' or 'spiritual life' that cannot be explained by science, or are you merely a collection of atoms?

Dr Alastair Donald is a research scientist who has also studied theology - looking at this debate from both perpectives. He will be leading a seminar in Perth on Saturday 25th September at Perth Baptist Church Centre. There will be the opportunity for questions and discussion. Everyone, whether they are believers, agnostics, or atheists, are welcome to come, listen and take part.

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