Friday, November 12, 2010


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Over the last few years loads of people seem to have given up blogging. For many people Facebook has taken over as a place to post brief messages and pictures, while Tweeting less than 7o odd characters is time-consuming enough for others. I have always been disappointed when favourite blogs begin to slow-down, then are only updated erratically and then grind to a complete halt. This has happened several times with blogs that I always linked to from here and read enthusiastically. The latest one which seems to have ground to a halt was an intriguing photographic blog called "1 Pic a Day", based in Singapore. I don't know the photographer but have enjoyed her quirky and imaginative pictures for a few years - it's the latest apparent end-of-blog disappointment.


Katuska said...

I enjoy reading your blog, so I hope you won't follow suit.

sara! said...

Hi Hideous..
Greetings from Singapore! you wont get rid of me that easy, (un)fortunately :)

no, i dont move my activities to Facebook, as blog has its own appeal to me.. i, just simply have so many things happening this year - works, family back home, bla bla bla.. stop taking picture for awhile, even when i went vacation to Bali - how wasted was that?

anyway, i am back :) i even have some pictures taken, they only need some resizing. i might need to be realistic and not to have the blog as 'one pic a day'.. but, let see how i am going to do it.

my promise? before the year end you will see something pop up on my blog - that's my year end resolution :) so, stay tune!!