Wednesday, February 09, 2011

40 - Licence to GRUMP!

I am only a few hours away now from being 40. The enormous leap from being "in my thirties" to being "in my fifth decade" is about to be made.. Happily I received my official Grumpy Old Man Licence in the post today though - which obviously cheers me up no end. Those of you who think that I do not need a licence-to-grump, are of course technically correct - I have been acting like a grumpy old man for many, many years. However - for all that time, I have felt like an under-age-drinker sneaking illicit pints in the pub - but all the while looking forward to my 18th birthday and the opportunity to look the barman in the eye and order a drink without fear of being caught. Now here we are 10-02-2011, and the great moment is upon us. I feel I can groan, and grump and complain to my hearts content - and no-one can say, "Oh stop acting like a grumpy old man". Because I am. And I have the licence to prove it.

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