Monday, May 23, 2011

My son, "Boris" got a new cricket jumper from the club this week. It's a very nice cricket jumper too. The only strange thing about it was the label (left), which along with the exciting information about the properties of the fabric also contained the curious warning, "Do Not Eat".

I must confess that until I read that, I hadn't actually considered tucking into the cricket jumper next time I fancied a snack, or couldn't be bothered walking to the shops when the fridge looked a little bare. To be honest, 'Boris' would have been furious when it came to match day and he couldn't find his jumper and I would have had to admit, "Sorry son, I've eaten it".

I suppose it might be more reasonable to consider eating his old cricket jumper, after all its nice and woolly and he has outgrown it - but even this hadn't occurred until I read Kookaburra's helpful advice label. It did make me wonder though, do people actually eat sports equipment? Are there people who would genuinely consume sit down and consume and article of clothing as part of a balanced diet, and do they walk amongst us? How scared should we be?

Of course, I had never contemplated having a munch on his cricket kit. But having read the stern prohibition printed on the label, every time I see it now, I fancy sinking my teeth into its delicious looking fibres. But, I suppose, such has always been the effect of the law!

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