Monday, December 19, 2011

The Folly of it All

While I have walked almost every corner of Perth's Kinnoull Hill and Barnhill many times, the hills just beyond them stretching out about Scone from Deuchny Woods, I have neglected.

While these low hills lack the obvious attraction of Kinnoull's dramatic cliffs, and interesting wildlife - they do offer an hour or two's charming strolling away from the crowds and man-made paths and adjacent motorway which so detract from the latter.

Like Kinnoull Hill, Murrayshall Hill is graced with a folly. McDuff's folly stands on the Northwest Edge of the wide, rolling summit ridge. Anyone driving Northwards from Perth on the A94 will have had their eyes drawn upwards to this little landmark on the skyline.

It is a strange, silent, life-less place. My walks through adjacent woods usually find me stumbling upon deer, squirrels, falcons, owls, grouse or a host of smaller birds. Strangely this place was utterly deserted.

The views out across the gentle Perthshire countryside were quite lovely, however.

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