Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Glen Lednock's Circular Walk

The "Glen Lednock Circular Walk" is (for the pedants amongst you), far closer to being rectangular than resembling a circle. Nevertheless, this pretty waymarked route is an easy afternoon out for a young family, which offers a bit of everything, to keep the smaller members of the family interested. The walk begins at a little roadside car-park just North of the village of Comrie, where space and earthquake permitting, the car can be left. From the car park a small track winds away from the road and over to the River Lednock, whose charming course (pictured above) it follows for a couple of kilometres to the various viewpoints over the series of waterfalls known as The Deil's Cauldron, no less!

The path rejoins the road just above the falls and gives the walkers the opportunity to branch off from the circular route, to climb the steep 130m up Dun More to the impressive viewpoint at Lord Melville's Monument. Like countless other walkers I have no idea who Lord Melville was, or indeed why he needed such an inordinately enormous monument to commemorate him. Whoever he was, given the size and shape of his monument he clearly had enormous confidence in his own munificence -albeit in an oddly Freudian manner... Nevertheless, his monument provides an excellent place for a rewarding the children who managed the climb with some hard-earned snacks and drinks, and a few moments to sit and soak in the panoramic view.

Once back down the steep path to the road, the road is followed a little way Northwards, until a signpost which directs walkers down to a wooden bridge over the broad river. On the other side of the river a very attractive path leads all the way back to the east side of Comrie, where the trackbed of a former railway line leads back to within a hundred metres of the car.

Our six year old managed the walk with no difficulty, and it provided a constantly varying landscape with rivers, waterfalls, veiwpoints, a climb, a village, and easy safe walking. An ideal family afternoon out!

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David Jeffery said...

Who were The Deil's? Friends of Lord Melville?