Friday, August 17, 2012

The best of Spain

We had a couple of weeks in Spain earlier in the summer, so that my wife could get her sun-fix for the year. My ideal climate would probably be at least as far North as Scotland, possibly further, while my wife starts to thaw out much nearer the equator! Spain proved to be an interesting place. The water supply went off for over a week, and showed no signs of being fixed when we left - apparently the town council of Loja, couldn't afford to reconnect it, which despite the soaring temperatures, everyone seemed to accept with a resigned shrug. Here there'd be a riot if it went off for a couple of days, never mind if the authorities refused to fix it! On the other, even while we were becoming irritated with the chaotic infrastructure we were charmed by the people. The farmer from the house adjacent to ours (a mile down the dirt road), called in to share some of his produce with us, juicy red plums which were sweet and delicious. 

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