Saturday, February 16, 2013

Obney Hill

There is a long line of hills which run east-west just north of the Perthshire village of Bankfoot. Visible for miles around, this chain of rolling summits divides Glen Almond to the South with Strathbraan on its Northern side. For travellers heading North on the A9, these hills visible to the left of that great main road offer a first tantalising glimpse of what the Highlands have to offer. The most famous of these hills is the furthest East of them, is Birnam Hill, forever enshrined in Shakespearean legend, which towers over the picturesque village of Dunkeld. Next to Birnam Hill is a lovely hill which is in comparison with its famous friend, largely overlooked but which gave us a wonderful little walk yesterday. I refer to Obney Hill, rendered on some maps as "The Obney Hills", and the summit in the photo above it shown by the OS as a 'fort' site.

Only a 2 or 3 hour jaunt, but an excellent tramp through some deep snow and some really wonderful views.

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