Friday, March 22, 2013

The Marriage Course: Perth Spring 2013

We are going to be running The Marriage Course again in Perth this Spring. Our plan is to run on Monday nights from 7:30-10pm. The aim of the 7-session course is help any married couple (whatever their stage of life, or whether they are struggling or really happy together) to improve their relationship and enjoy it to the full.

An evening on The Marriage Course begins with a meal, then we watch a DVD together about an aspect of marriage. Then there are times for each couple to privately discuss their responses to the DVD, using some discussion materials in the course manual. These times are the most important part of the course, as so couples privacy during them is strictly protected, and there are absolutely no cringe-inducing group discussions whatsoever.

The course has a gentle Christian-flavour to it, but is by no means exclusively for Christians. On our course we have had several people attend who do not have Christian faith, but who told us that they both enjoyed and benefited from the course a lot.

Participants on previous courses have told us (sometimes years later) that working through this material together has made a huge difference in their lives for the better. Many married couples have a vague sense that 'we ought to be investing in our marriage' but don't know how to do it, or where to start. The Marriage Course provides a helpful structure and a safe environment for this, and so can be a great way of working together on building a stable and fulfilling relationship.

If you are interested in doing The Marriage Course, please e-mail, or speak to me personally if you know me! We ask for a donation of £25/head "or what you can afford" towards the costs of the seven meals and the course manual.

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