Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Huntingtower Castle

Huntingtower Castle is a fine 15thCentury tower house which lies on the very Western fringes of Perth, within sight of the busy A85 road to Crieff. Despite its location, the castle is amazingly quiet, quite often deserted during the week in fact. Narrow spiral staircases wind their way up to the top of both of the castle's towers, past great halls, bedrooms and vast fireplaces. Information boards around the property provide plenty to read about the castle's surprising, and at times tumultuous past. For those so inclined the Historic Scotland office contains several racks of dressing up costumes to try on with which to enhance the experience of stepping back in time in the castle. I declined to 'robe-up', although my kids have been seen running around the place dressed up as little knights or medieval ladies! I took my parents there on Friday spare hour or two - it was a marvellous little trip. Perth has so many little gems like this tucked in and around it, its a shame that they remain so largely unknown.

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