Friday, October 06, 2006

Marriage Course II

Well, two weeks into the marriage course, things are progressing well. The course remains interesting, useful, challenging and informative. The suggestion made by Lord P of Mearns that it might just be a sustained excercise in 'SBO'* is not-sustained M'lud! There have obviously been several things we have considered before, but enough things that we haven't looked at - or things we've thought about but never put into practice; to make it all worth while.

One of the best things so far has been the suggestion that we regularly make time for each other, something we have neglected recently with all the demands of our huge number of children. So, last night we went out to the Nurjihan for a curry, and spent a great evening blethering and feeding. We have often talked about the value of making time like this - the marriage course is helping us actually put some of these things into practice.

This week's subject was, "the art of communication", next week moves on to "conflict resolution".
*stating the bleedin' obvious

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