Monday, November 06, 2006

Shopping Masterclass

My father-in-law (F.I.L.) conducted a shopping masterclass whilst staying with us over the weekend. While being subjected to being dragged from clothes shop to clothes shop for an inordinate length of time by his wife and daughter he was a approached by a shop assistant. Friendly, over-eager and keen to show off all the stores many wares, she bowled up to my F.I.L.:
Shop Assistant: "Are you OK, can I help you?"
F.I.L.: "No"
Shop Assistant: "Er, why not?"
F.I.L.: "Because I'm just bored"

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Mandrew Nelson said...

Perhaps sometimes i write my blog with you in mind Hideous man....I always know that if i have questions about God then you'll respond in a way that encourages my thought process. I apprciate your responses. I realise how much God has changed me and that in terms of testimony the biggest changes in my life have some link to a time where i felt gods hand upon me. However, i just struggle with the whole hypocrite thing.... If you get a chance to watch Borat the movie then do.... there are some interesting christians in it. Especially the preacher who walks out the house when the prostitute arrives explaining that he can no longer be in this environment (please watch the film to understand!).... is he christ like? hmmm.

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