Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Verily it stinketh

Here is a photo of a dead freezer. We knew it was playing up and wasn't keeping things as cold as it once did - and had tried to eat everything in it as fast as possible, fearing its imminent demise.

The other morning, it announced its departure, not with a groan, not with a leak, not with a gurgle of coolant nor an electrical flash and plume of smoke - but with a stench.

One large joint of meat had clearly not been kept cold enough for too long and was absolutely minging. Despite the wife's hasty removal of said object, the pong seemed to fill the whole house and settle into the very pores of the building. Much opening of windows and gratuitous use of fragrant candles has almost returned our air quality to within acceptable EU limits.

Our wheelie bin however is a veritable bio-hazard, repulsive to humans but seemingly irresistible to flies. Apologies to the people who will have to empty it tomorrow morning. My next job is to take the expired fridge to the special place at the dump where appliances go to die.

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