Monday, January 14, 2008

AJ's send-off

Seventeen characters assembled in Snowdonia this weekend to celebrate the final days of AJ as a single man. People from his Uni days, work colleagues and fellow climbers were joined by a couple of token family members like me, and his brother who had organised the whole thing. A most entertaining collection of characters they were too, some quite sensible, some eccentrics and one or two complete nutters- all lead to a most enjoyable weekend.

The Heights Hotel in Llamberis was the establishment lucky enough to be chosen for the escapade, and it proved to be more than a match for any anti-social behaviour on offer from our party. Several of the guys present had held their stag weekends here in the "Scabes Hilton" such is its reputation for low prices and willful ignorance of licensing hours.

The photo above captures AJ himself at the foot of the climb up Tryfan, expressing his appreciation to everyone for dressing him in a little foxy pink number for the climb. To his immense credit he did wear the carefully selected attire all the way to the summit, despite the startled expressions it generated on the faces of all the other climbers on the North Ridge that day!

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His Girl Friday said...

perservering proudly in pink!

Congratulations! All look like they're having a good time! :)