Friday, January 18, 2008

What are you looking at?

After spectacularly failing his eye-tests, young Norris is now the proud owner (and wearer) of glasses. How long he is prepared to wear them (especially if teased), or how long they will remain intact and not scratched during the school day is anyone's guess! Today however he was highly amused with what appeared to be going to school in fancy dress, asking if his teacher would recognise him! Young Doris (2) has come out in sympathy with her brother and has decided that she will wear her sunglasses all day. This is probably not a remarkable show of solidarity, more an unwillingness to be left out of the game.

Last year, as you may know, young Norris had all manner of problems with his hearing - which resulted in surgery. This year it seems to be his eyesight. No points will be awarded to anyone who adds any comments to this post about Pinball.............

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