Monday, August 25, 2008


The builders are making big strides forward in the completion of our church premises - every week it changes. Having a look around the site yesterday we counted about 50 empty bottles of Irn Bru, that lethal cocktail of sugar, caffeine and girders; perhaps this is the power behind the progress.

One of our neighbours stopped me this week to tell me a few tales about Jimmy, an eccentric previous occupant of our house. He didn't know that we knew a thing or two about Jimmy despite the fact that he died more than fifteen years before we came to Perth. Our neighbour told us about the night in the early 1980s when the old building of Perth Baptist Church burned down, and how upset Jimmy was that day. I can't help wondering what he would have thought if he had lived long enough to see this new building - not exactly rising from the ashes of the old one - it's a mile or two away; but certainly serving the same purpose!


Endlessly restless said...

I'm not sure what Jimmy would have thought of it - we didn't really have time to get to know him very well when we came to Perth. (Actually, I've ever heard him referred to as Jimmy before - to us he was just Jim.)

I know that Jimmy's son would have been very enthusiastic - as he was about everything. We knew him very well, and he was a wonderful.

That Hideous Man said...

Indeed - I have always heard him referredto as Jim; but to our neighbours he was definitely 'Jimmy! His son was indeed wonderful - and shortly before he died he came round here and had a good look round his old house.

I also have in my possession at the moment (although it's not mine) a recording of his wife Carrie's funeral service, in which he speaks about her and their remarkable life together. Amazing stuff!

Orchid said...

progress indeed..i mean your camera and pc are finallly talking!