Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Temporary fix

A temporary solution to my PC woes has been found! Although my PC still won't talk to my camera (or in fact to any camera I have subsequently discovered), it has no problem opening the files from the camera's card, via a card reader. I have been lent (thanks, Mum!) a card reader to test this out, and need to now get one of my own. The thing that still mystifies me is my computer's random distaste for other pieces of hardware. Last year it took an permanent dislike to the CD/DVD drive, and now this camera issue. Our local balding Glaswegian computer genius
cleared the system up and made it run much faster, but even he was a little mystified by the camera issue declaring, "there's something strange going on in this computer". Strange indeed.

1 comment:

His Girl Friday said...

perhaps it's developed its own consciousness...and is planning to take over the running of your household 'smart' appliances, and soon your entire household? :b :)