Thursday, September 11, 2008

Banned (apparently)

Boris and Norris ran up to us laughing, and giving each other those knowing conspiratorial looks that immediately trigger warning signals in us parents. "Watch, watch!" they demanded as they rolled a dice across the floor. "It's a six, it's a six; a SIX!!" they shrieked with obvious delight -amidst waves of speech-defying giggling.
"What does this mean?" we enquired.
"It means you are both banned for SIX YEARS!" they announced.
"Banned from what?" we dared ask.
"From kissing each other!" they yelled!
"WHY?"we wanted to know.
The answer it seems is:
"Because is !!"

1 comment:

His Girl Friday said...

eeeuuuwwww....kissing gives you cooties don't ya know..... :)