Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ted Herbert on Faith and Cancer

Although much of my studying was done by distance-learning etc, I did attend some classes while doing my degree. One of those courses was an Old Testament module taught by Dr Ted Herbert, the vice-principal of International Christian College in Glasgow. Ted is a brilliant scholar (Dead Sea Scrolls his speciality) and a passionate communicator of his vast knowledge. He is above all that a man of great faith, as is apparent in the clip in which he talks at his church in Glasgow about his recent diagnosis of advanced inoperable terminal cancer. I spotted this clip on Colin Adams' blog unashamed workman, this morning, and thought it was worth also embedding it here.

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His Girl Friday said...

Hi HM,
well, I've watched these last two videos on your blog; my what contrast, yet both appropriate in their extremes.

The comedy, well, laughter is the best medicine; and that film is a classic. I used to be able to quote many parts, and often used it to alleviate tense situations in various scenarios.

But the honesty of Mr Herbert was very moving. It's perhaps difficult to contemplate our end, yet we are all mortal. As he said, is death such a bad thing? Other than leaving our loved ones, or perhaps wishing to experience a few more mountain tops, we are after all promised a better place. Are we not?

I think the unknown is always a bit frightening; and that we must make this journey alone is also disconcerting, for I think by nature, we are a 'herd' creature and long to be near our loved ones/companions.
Still, in the end, when we face it, we can be brave;...and it will be always harder for the ones we leave behind.