Saturday, September 10, 2011

Helicopter over the Canyon!

Flying in and around the Grand Canyon is highly restricted, confined mostly to one route across a section of it and back. The result is that the air-space in that section is very busy, with a fleet of helicopters shuttling empty-walleted tourists to and from Grand Canyon Airport via the designated corridor. As we flew towards the Canyon, this helicopter flew closely alongside us.

The first few minutes of the flight were enjoyable, simply because the sensation of helicopter flight was new and interesting. The Canyon itself looked amazing from the air, appearing suddenly below the aircraft, while sending up billowing thermals to buffet it around.

Although the flight lasted 40 minutes, the Canyon is so absorbing that the experience seemed to last about five!

I was glad when we landed however, the strange motion of the helicopter was starting to make me feel very queasy. Once it had dropped us off the helicopter was immediately filled with the next crowd of people anxious to be relieved of the burden of carrying dollars around - and took off over our heads. It was quite an experience.

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