Monday, September 05, 2011

House Gig

On Saturday night, Perthshire singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Lins Honeyman held a 'Living Room Gig' round at our house, in conjunction with Morna Young (Vocals, Autoharp), Bruce Cameron (Guitars, Vocals) and Andy McCully (Guitars and Percussion).

Twenty five or so friends and neighbours piled into our house for food drink and music - and seemed to have a good night. It was certainly a squeeze in the living room, but the music was good and that atmosphere was warm both literally and metaphorically.

The musicians were in good form on Saturday - I have heard these guys play in various places before, and their repertoire has evolved over time. This was by far the least blues-orientated set I have heard them play, perhaps because of the evolving line-up of Honeyman's collaborators at these various events. Bruce Cameron's stunning folky finger-picking guitar, Andy McCully's more 'rocky' approach, and Morna Youngs soulful vocals have lured Lins a little further from the straightforward acoustic blues which used to dominate his performances. However, what we got was an eclectic mix of Blues, Soul, Ballads, and the surprise addition of some old Negro spirituals- one of which "I want Jesus to walk with me" was for me the highlight of the evening's entertainment.

We've never held a living-room gig before, but we really enjoyed it. There was a real buzz in the house, and it was great to meet some new folks as well as get to know some of neighbours better. We'd love to do one again sometime!

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