Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Alpine trekking from Tre le Champ

NE of Chamonix, the D1506 crosses a high mountain pass near Tre le Champ le Bas. The roadside car park at the head of the pass has several trails leading up higher into the stunning Alpine scenery.
We chose a route heading towards the Lac Blanc, and followed it a couple of thousand feet up and round the front of the ridge - overlooking the town of Argentier.
As we broke through the tree-line after an hour and a half of hard walking, the views opened up on every side. Beautiful, stunning and overwhelming landscapes that were too much for the eye to comprehend, never mind the camera.
Towards Chamonix and Mont Blanc, the high peaks shimmered, as the sun glinted from frosted mountains.
A study in altitude: dense low-level forests give way to barren rock, which is in turn surpassed by ice.
Alpine glory - the sun bursts in on the grand display.
Blades of rock, pinnacles soaring skywards.

Our walk came to end at this rock-face. Despite the fact that these Alpine trails are fitted with ladders, chains and footholds bored into the rocks - this was the end of our road. While our six-year old daughter might have managed to get up this ladder getting down would have been beyond her - and there was nothing below it for several thousand feet!
Climbers sit in the sun preparing their harnesses before taking to the rock face.
Glacier country!

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