Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bridge of Earn - November Gig

Recently I blogged about a "Living Room Gig" we'd held in our house. Some of the same cast of colourful characters, are playing a gig in Bridge of Earn near Perth on Sat Nov 12th. The luxury of space in the bigger venue will allow them the opportunity to play at least some of their set with a full band, adding some keys, bass and drums to the stripped-down 'unplugged' sound they went for in our house. Chatting to Lins this morning, I am aware of a few changes to their set-list since last month including a surprising (yet promising) cover-version of..... well that would be telling, wouldn't it? Sorry, no spoilers before the performance! Maybe see you in Bridge of Earn in November to find out!

Ticket info is on the poster above. Click on the image to see it full-size to read phone numbers, e-mail address etc.

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