Monday, October 23, 2017

Across the Prairies to Rosebud

 Heading across the prairie-lands near Rosebud, Alberta late summer evening.

Target practice.

I'm not a big fan of guns, gun-ownership, and so forth, I'm SO European in that regard. I'm also not a big fan of simplistic answers to complex problems. Here in Canada, I was happy to join in the local culture, walk across the prairies, and shoot a gun for probably the first and last time in my life.The local culture is clearly a world away from the mass shootings which plague America. Rural gun ownership is again, another world from urban gun culture. Not sure I'd ever want to handle a weapon again, but it was an experience.

Prairie Sunset 

 Rosebud is a little world of charm - and delightful people, tucked away in rural Alberta. It's a tiny farming hamlet, with its own theatre, and theatre school.  we were taken there by some Canadian friends. When they suggested it, we were reluctant to venture away from the Rockies, to such flat country; but it turned out to be a real highlight.

 The busy main street: Rosebud

 In nearby Horseshoe Canyon

 Then off the Wild West.

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