Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boris is Sick as a Parrot!

Young Boris and I joined the crowd up at the church tonight to watch the Champions League Final. After being hugely dissapointed at Man Utd's loss on Saturday, my football mad seven-year-old was allowed to stay up late in the hope that Liverpool might once again overcome the odds, the pundits and a better team, in this their 2007 quest for European glory.

I still remember the final two years ago, and the scenes of ludicrous over-excitement from some Scouse friends in the church, (you know who you are!) as the so-called 'miracle of Istanbul' was played out. I won't forget the near-pandemonium that happened when Liverpool first equalised and then clinched victory in a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

Tonight alas, it was not to be. Boris and I left the terraces (well pews anyway) and headed for home imagining what might have been. As for Boris, he was caught between the dismay of two finals going the wrong way for him in a week, and the joy of having been able to stay up far too late to watch footie on the big screen.


Lins Honeyman said...

I was rooting for Liverpool too but the better team won on the night. Doesn't take away from their amazing record in Europe but they weren't on form last night (at least not in the second half anyway.)

Good to see King Kenny as one of the analysists. Reminded me of the amazing players Liverpool have had on their books - Dalglish, Wark, Rush, Hansen, Souness, Gerrard, Roger Hunt etc etc etc.

the topless wonder said...

hee hee, I had my A C Milan top on just for the ocassion, my work colleagues were round for "the barbecue", a longstanding arrangement of many many years.
Hope Boris wasn't too despondent

the topless wonder said...

I'm a bit concerned that Lins seems to think that King Kenny has an anal cyst

That Hideous Man said...

Ah - Victor Meldrew I believe, welcome to the comments page!

Lins Honeyman said...

The word of course is "analyst." However, on looking the word up in the dictionary is states that it is "a person who is skilled in analysis".

Maybe not Kenny Dalglish then.

"Mebbies aye, mebbies naw" as the great man himself once said.