Friday, May 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Doris

Happy Birthday little 'Doris'.

I can't believe you are two already.

Into our family you have brought love, smiles, giggles, quirkiness, bright eyes, the second strongest-will I have ever encountered, noise, tiredness, joy, thankfulness and complete, total and utter chaos. We thought that your two brothers had provided all there could ever be of these things, but you have added you own unique take on them all!
We wouldn't be without you. Happy Birthday!


Orchid said...

Happy B'day to Doris!!
...and every time i visit you now, I wonder if you have google anlaytics spying on me..almost feel like a pair of hands will stop me if I leave without commenting :)

btw, the American media has quite expectedly gone crazy over the Queen's visit..

That Hideous Man said...

I've been amazed at the reaction to my post about Google analytics!

Every commercial/non-profit/charity website and countless blogs use these sorts of tools and people probably are spotted by such things many times every time they surf. Have I broken a taboo by actually admitting it?

I suppose I was naive - all I wanted to see was if I had any visitors or not!

Doris said...

Dear Fatter,
Tank u so very muck for the warm cuddly blog you have left for me to reed on your sight. I no tat you tink wee dont now it is you whose dos thathideousman - but you sem too spond agres on that computer thingy and you tink you rr v funnie and laff a lot so it must be you. Anyway mummy culls you hideous when you rrr note arond - so it musk bee you.
Horever I thinks it wood be betta if you had just told me these things to myself and not broomcast them to the hole wurld. Ivan thow fat uncle Roy says nobuddy reeds ur' boring old rubbits' there must be sumbody or else! Shirley?

And a nutter thing - dont be meeniest to strumpit green ireland - he mite bee sad gitter butt ats least he nose it. mum says you rr stinkie poo bottom popper in bed at nite - and that is nit nice, espercially sins you doughnut wears a nappy.

Anyways tinku for making mee too, If mummie had not laid an eggie while u were both on the skate bord holding ballons I wudn't bee hear - or so Boris says.
Tinku too four luving mee when i am goodie two shoes and when i am boldie-locks. Ivan wen I have a smolly botttom and u changed it or put my sicky mittens on the wall paper when I mustn't you still love me.
You rant a bad daddy really and tink I will stay wit you for a longest time.

That Hideous Man said...