Tuesday, February 05, 2008


A flight from Glasgow to the "Norwich: Alan Partridge International Airport", carried us high above the snowdrifts that were trapping drivers between Edinburgh and Newcastle on Friday night - and to a family wedding for the weekend. Happily free from the entanglements of children for a couple of days, thanks to their Grandmother (London) we were able to enjoy such rare pleasures as the long-forgotten "lie-in" and the indulgence of reading a whole book without interruption! The real reason for the trip however was to join in the celebrations like this:

Attempts to implicate us in being in any way directly involved in causing, being present during, or even encouraging any er... 'adjustments' made to the happy couple's house for their return from honeymoon are purely speculative in nature and we accept no responsibility for any losses to property or persons - if indeed anything has been done to their house, which it probably hasn't, but obviously we don't know because we weren't there.

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His Girl Friday said...

a very happy couple!! Glad you had some fun, and enjoyed a lie in...hmmm, don't remember what they are ;)