Friday, February 08, 2008


The Onion News Network produces news coverage of this quality every day! Their high-quality investigative reporting is now available on podcast too, so I look forward to their insights being delivered to my computer regularly.

I have also discovered thay there a number of other good podcasts around, which I use to top-up my iPod for long journeys, here'a a few I have enjoyed recently:

"Radio 4 Friday Night Comedy": The 6:30pm slot on radio 4 is bundled as a single podcast, and the current series it downloads is "The Newsquiz". Many laughs this week including this from Jeremy Hardy: "I was told I should live every day as if it were my last....... so I have spent most of today lying in bed, gently drifting in and out of consciousness!"

A number of Radio4's documentary and factual programmea are now downloadable as well, including Thinking Allowed, and In Our Time - both of which are time well spent. Sadly R4 have decided not to podcast Michael Rosen's charming Word of Mouth series nor the scurrillous Down the Line.

A good new-music podcast that I subscribe to is "Three from Leith". Every week, from his home in Leith, Grant Mason previews the work of new or unsigned bands, and strings it together with his personal ramblings.


Endlessly restless said...

Thanks for the tips.

I listen to a lot of podcasts in the car - mainly sermons and business stuff. A bit of variety would be a good thing.

His Girl Friday said...

interesting podcast...hmmm, stereotypical?...nah!..... ;)

AnneDroid said...

Ah, good to come across someone who also admits to listening to Radio 4! Their comedy is often FAB. I like your Jeremy Hardy quote - hehehe. I am a particular fan of Mornington Crescent - have you come across it? And the Archers of course, which isn't officially comedy but often is v funny, even when it's not meant to be because instead of imagining rural Borsetshire, I'm thinking of them standing round a microphone in a studio, with cows-sound-effects!