Friday, February 29, 2008


Where the longing to be, collides with the work to be done.
Where the joy and the mess, mingle shamelessly together.
Where wounds are both most sorely made, and most deeply healed.


His Girl Friday said...

was feeling that yesterday at work (12 hour shifts can be mind-numbing, and body-aching)...I just wanted to be home, and hear my kiddies' laughter.
Lovely post, HM, made me choke up a bit :)

Endlessly restless said...
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Endlessly restless said...

THM - have you been chucking your wellies about again??

(Last comment deleted due to human error - pressed 'go' too quickly!)

AnneDroid said...

That's lovely. We certainly have plenty mess and shoes and wellies and trainers and slippers for six feature liberally in the picture! But we have joy too so that's okay.

sara! said...

pretty post.
love it :)