Saturday, May 03, 2008

Back to the Woods

Doris and I picked Boris and Norris up from school, and drove straight to The Hermitage at Dunkeld for a quick walk to the falls and back. The river was in spate, following the torrential rain earlier in the week which had exposed weaknesses in my walking jacket and our kitchen roof! The positive side of this is that it makes all the waterfalls look spectacular!

It rained while we were there, then the sun shone on the wet forest and the dark, moist undergrowth, releasing a pine aroma that Radox can only dream of capturing and imitating!

On the way home we paused by the Old Bridge in Perth to enjoy the rainbow arching across the lower slops of Kinnoull and Gannochy.

My children always protest at the indication that we are going for a walk - but always love it when we do! We are all glad that I didn't succumb to the demands to get home to Playstations and CBEEBIES, but enjoyed the Hermitage instead.


His Girl Friday said...

very neat, thanks for sharing! :)

AnneDroid said...

"the lower slops of Kinnoull and Gannochy"? Come on, it wasn't that wet...

I saw that rainbow too - what a cracker.

Endlessly restless said...

We were at the Hermitage in early April. Even though the river wasn't in spate it was still very impressive and powerful.