Thursday, May 15, 2008

To the hills, to the hills! Carn a Chlamain

Carn a Chlamain is a hill just to the west of Glen Tilt above the Forest Lodge, reached by a very steep path which zig-zags its way up the steep glen side just beyond the Lodge. The photo above is the view of the summit, which becomes visible once up on the shoulder, high above the valley floor.

This is simply a hideous foot being rested on the summit!

The summit cairn is the usual place to rest weary legs and shoulders, to stop, have some food and on a warm day, a gentle doze in the sun.

The view Northwards from Carn a Chlamain, towards the Cairngorms. It was hazy, but clear enough to pick out many mountains in every direction.

The descent path, dropping gently back down into warm, green, gentle Glen Tilt to start the long, long walk out.


His Girl Friday said...

wonderful photos, HM!
thanks for sharing. :)

we have a holiday coming up in June, up to the Sierras. I can hardly go to the hills!! :)

sara! said...

Great pics, THM, thanks for sharing; you make me green here with envy...

Enjoy your summer!