Saturday, September 15, 2007

Corsica: The Great Septic Sea

Young Boris gave his old father a lesson in snorkling. He was a natural at swimming up and down admiring all the fish. I was a bit less successful at it, and kept inhaling lung-fulls of water and emerging spluttering from the sea looking dazed. "The Great Septic Sea" did its work of course, and we were all victims of dodgy tummies as a result, all part of the fun I suppose. Boris has since learnt at school that the Nile (one of the great feeders of the Great Septic Sea) is the 'world filthiest river'. Nice.

This is not a bleached whale, neither is it some grotesque inflatable toy for the kids to play on, rather it is your-truly, the hideous one, actually managing a bit of snorkeling.

And here's my wife, suntanning her toes.

I can't sunbathe. I don't know why - perhaps I need to go to lessons or something. It's not that I haven't tried either. I have under instruction from experts like my wife, applied ghastly sun-cream to relevant areas, found a nice spot to lie-down in and shut my eyes. A minute passes, another minute passes, and I am beginning to fidget, a third minute passes and I am begining to get bored, by the time five minutes is up I am ready to pack-up the stuff and go and do something interesting with my holiday. The answer to beach-bordeom is to do interesting stuff with the kids. When not inhaling salt water through a snorkel or hiring a pedalo, we found that the kids just loved digging. Here' s hole.


Steg said...

Sunbathing is just really, really dull. It's not something to aspire to in my opinion.

That Hideous Man said...

Absolutely! Yet friends and family all swear by it and keep asking why I can't just lie-still like the rest of them.

It's good to know I'm not the only social misfit!

Steg said...

Never mind being a social misfit, the fact remains that we are right and they are wrong. Otherwise why would we have been born in countries whose finest beaches are too windy for anything other than bracing activity?

That Hideous Man said...

Your logic is irrefutable!