Friday, September 07, 2007

Right, a word about the 'Ron Hill's'.....

Now I'm not saying that they look good. I'm not saying that they suit me. I'm not saying that it isn't a bit grim for the onlooker to have to observe a slightly tubby, heading-toward-middle-age hillwalker such as myself squeezing himself into them. All I am saying is that I can't find any other hill-gear which is a comfortable, functional and easy to wear- even underneath waterproofs.

It makes my wife squirm with embarrassment every time I put them on, I know the photos are damaging evidence against my credibility (oh, as if any further were needed) and I know that they are the hillwalking equivalent of dodgy miniscule Speedo's in the swimming pool. However the bottom line remains this, I wear them for me to feel comfortable in, not for you to look at.

I am in the hills, I am happy and feel fine; so verily I gesture rudely in the direction of the fashion-police, throw aesthetic sensibilities to the wind - and hey, if you don't like what it looks like then you can walk in front.

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