Tuesday, September 04, 2007

More Boring Holiday Snaps: Orvieto's Duomo

We enjoyed a stiffling hot week with Simon and family near Orvieto, a beautiful medieval hilltop town, famous for it's scenery, steep and narrow streets, piazza and Duomo (cathederal), and infamous for Orvieto Classico - an overly sweet white which might be Italy's answer to Leibfraumilch!

The photos are of the Duomo, it's magnificent facade, some of the strange carvings which protrude from it and a wonderful sculpture inside it which portrays Mary and (presumably Simon of Cyrene) grieving over the crucified body of Christ, just after it has been taken from the cross.

If you want a more witty account of our time in Orvieto, with better photos, see Simon's write-up, here!

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