Friday, September 28, 2007


I am not asking for your sympathy, merely offering you the chance to quietly laugh at me as you see me moving cautiously, doing the John-Wayne-waddle. My long-anticipated trip to the day-surgery unit has finally been completed and I have the scars to prove it!

For ten years I have sired far too many children, with quite alarming regularity. Now however, the breeding is over, the big-V, the decommissioning of the gonads is complete, and all weapons of mass reproduction have been put finally and verifiably beyond use.

Now clearly I am feeling sorry for myself, and believe that I am paying a high price! This is however not a view shared by my wife, who points out that bearing all our kids was, on balance, a little worse. So if you see me, hobbling about, with a sheepish-grin, feel free to laugh, mock and point out that it's all self inflicted. Of course when you have a 'surprise addition to the family' when you are 50 years old, it will no doubt be equally hilarious!


His Girl Friday said...

Well, here I come for a visit to your blog from your friend's post on the dragonfly/garden find you recuperating from a very brave operation of which my husband, who is quite brave normally, was too squeamish to undergo!! :)
Although being in the health care profession (regist. nurse) I can empathise with your recovery, I do quite side with your wife in the entire matter!! :)

That Hideous Man said...

Hello hgf!

All I can say is that your comment works just as well if you exchange the word "squeamish" for "wise"..

His Girl Friday said...

yes, well, him inside did give me that look when I mentioned I was using the word squeamish. He said something akin to the word you mentioned, and a few more. ;)

Victor Meldrew said...

Well,Mr Decommisioned, will you be having some "curry, with the curry powder taken out" on Saturday? or how about "ale with the alcohol taken out"

Alan Davey said...

Ooh la la !