Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elgol, The Cuillin, & The Misty Isle

Loch Coruisk was featured on the ITV programme, "Britain's Best View". It certainly is stunning as is the boat journey to it from the tiny port of Elgol, pictured above. The boat, "The Misty Isle" (on the right in the photo) is a charming little vessel and the crew provide a tour of all the places to spot wildlife, along with mugs of hot-chocolate and a hilarious commentary.

Some people like to walk back to Elgol from Loch Coruisk, but with Boris, Norris and Doris in tow this was never going to be possible, not just because of the distance, but also because of the notorious 'bad step' a short rocky traverse overhanging the sea which one has to negotiate. The crew of the boat took great delight in informing walkers planning on heading back that way that they have frequently seen sharks in the water under the bad-step, waiting for a stumbler!

Our hour and half at Loch Coruisk was not enough to satisy our hunger to soak up the splendour of the scenery, it was breathtaking - but the disappointment at having to leave was more than compensated for by the promise of hot drinks in the boat, the wonderful journey back to Elgol and a special treat for Boris and Norris. The treat was offered by the boat crew who said that if the boys behaved well, they would each be allowed a turn 'driving' the boat. So under skipper Seamus' watchful eye, each of them had a turn, guiding the little ship across the waves towards the harbour and home.

The cost for the trip was £40, (£15 for each adult, £5 for the boys and under 5s free.) The boat was the Misty Isle and they have a website here - on which they are planning to put a webcam to stream pictures of the magnificent view from Elgol, all year round!


Jerry J. said...

I was longing to be on that boat... until the shark comment. Yes, it is an irrational fear, but a fear none the less, that I have yet to conquer!

skyegospel said...

Hey, so glad you enjoyed the trip!! Stuart here - the Misty Isle crew... I really enjoyed the post about your trip - my Mum just forwarded it to me out of the blue this morning (you'd have met her at the kiosk).

I hope we'll see you back again some time soon (be sure to mention who you are!) I have really enjoyed flicking through the rest of your blog as well.

And Jerry, don't worry... the sharks are very freindly. We have them well trained - they only eat the children and people who miss-behave!!